ERP Solutions

At ND Technet, a significant part of our portfolio is focussed on solutions that help enterprises achieve technology-enabled business transformation.

Get the maximum from your ERP Investment

At ND Technet, a significant part of our portfolio is focussed on solutions that help enterprises achieve technology-enabled business transformation. Our cost effective solutions, developed to deliver value to our customers, address varied challenges witnessed in the implementation of ERP solutions. Further, we endeavour to set right any flaws realised post implementation, to work towards a successful ERP system. We thereby facilitate the integration of systems across your network, reflecting in the operational efficiency of your business.

 Our solutions focus on:

  • Oracle e-Business Suite and related solutions;
  • Generic and industry-specific custom extensions;
  • Business Intelligence solutions.

 ERP  Implementations

 With over 20 successful ERP implementations to our credit, we, at ND Technet are your trusted partner in delivering on engagements in the Oracle e-Business Suite and acquired solutions space. Our global partner network makes it possible for us to deliver region-specific solutions and take on globally-distributed projects on:

  • Oracle Financials;
  • Oracle Supply Chain and Advanced Supply Chain Solutions;
  • Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM);
  • Oracle Projects.
  • Oracle Manufacturing – Discrete, Process and Flow Manufacturing
  • Oracle Business Intelligence 

Custom Extensions

The deployment of ERP Solutions empowers your business transformation. However evolving business demands solicit extensions within your existing ERP system. Such extensions add significant value by providing a more complete solution, resulting in increased productivity. The solution gaps are either unique to the business or to areas that are critical and offer transformational benefits with considerable improvement in productivity. At ND Technet, we leverage on our collective experience, deep domain knowledge, and extensive understanding of Oracle Applications and the underlying architecture, to deliver custom extensions for our customers, keenly focused on addressing such gaps.

Our industry specific custom solutions cover some of the key business processes of verticals such as Civil Engineering and Construction, Grants and Loans processing, besides a few industry-specific solutions. At ND Technet, we leverage our offshore centre to deliver custom applications development and integration services, with the Oracle e-Business Suite. We thus help our customers benefit from a fully-integrated business solution, thereby enabling various constituents across the network to be more effective, agile and connected.

Application Support

Post implementation support is an essential ingredient to optimise your ERP investment to enable operational excellence. With implementation certainly improving productivity, post implementation plans should ideally provide for constant examination of the ERP solution to evaluate possibilities of further optimisation. With inevitable increase in the system users across your enterprise, your ERP solution must be frequently reviewed for its effectiveness. User learning and evaluation of solution knowledge must be monitored to maximise the ROI from your ERP investments.

Our team of dedicated experts at ND Technet offers you constant application support. Depending on your business requirement, we offer cost-effective application support, either as a dedicated support or a shared support. Our customised application support services include:

  • A dedicated team of consultants, working onsite at your premises to support end users;
  • A dedicated team of consultants, working offshore exclusively on your requirements;
  • Shared support, with the advantage of buying a basket of support hours depending on your expected support requirements, by validating historical volume of support calls made along with the solution footprint.

Additionally we support you with:

  • Functional and technical support;
  • Database administration support;
  • Remote ad-hoc enhancements such as ad-hoc reports development, etc.